Our Risk Grade Loan Review is a quarterly through annual loan review for risk grade loans and loan review policy compliance.


Economical Expert Risk Grade Loan Reviews

Working with your institution to create an appropriate scope of services, we offer an economical alternative to in-house staffing of this critical need.
Bringing Gateway’s senior advisors into your regular loan grade review brings a level of expertise and competency that can be invaluable to your institution.

Scalable Solutions

Our risk grade loan review services can be scaled to meet almost any required timelines or size, delivering a high quality product, with quickness and accuracy of review while creating limited disruption to the bank.

Our review process entails an inventory and analysis of loan credit file contents. The information gained from these reviews is entered into our proprietary electronic forms, recording data including loan terms, loan covenants, loan purpose, guarantor information, loan performance information, collateral appraisal information, collateral historical and current cash flow performance, information from current borrower base certificates and corporate financial statements, and other pertinent details.

From this data Gateway produces financial ratios, debt service coverage ratios, covenant test results, and guarantor analysis to determine the appropriate loan grade, per your institution’s credit policy. All findings are presented in formats that may be presented to internal auditors and bank examiners as well as your senior management team.

Our Risk Grade Loan Review Service Goals for You

The goal of Gateway Risk Grade Loan Review is to produce high quality reports for each loan asset reviewed and the overall loan portfolio, all at a price comparable or often more cost effective than in-house completion of this important task.