We provide ongoing portfolio acquisition valuation, management and oversight services

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Gateway can be engaged for short-term analysis/advice for portfolio acquisition valuation services or for longer-term with ongoing management and oversight of primary and special servicing activities. The services we offer are menu-driven and can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Gateway’s initial services will include data collection, proxy building, data supplements, BPO valuation analysis, and modeling of all loans with loan level analysis and output to assist in preparing the initial bid and identifying potential outliers for additional review or custom pricing.

Gateway’s in depth review will include 100% penetration of the Target Portfolio.

Gateway will create a Hybrid combined Bid data tape incorporating:

  • Phase I modeling Output and analysis
  • Validated Seller Loan information
  • Corrected Seller Loan information
  • Added pertinent Risk variables captured during file review
  • Reviewer Comments
  • Overlay Buyer/Client Internal Comments, when applicable
  • Enhanced Analysis elements including custom calculations, comparisons and Highlighted loans with higher Risk & Uncertainty
  • Specific portfolio attribute analysis to provide support and comfort regarding loss forecast, Loan/Portfolio Value and Final Bid
  • Potential Final Bid scenarios and Summary stratifications and Report tables

Gateway can develop custom liquidation strategies for each product and asset. Gateway can monitor the servicing company to ensure the servicing company is properly executing on the custom liquidation strategies to maximize value. Gateway can monitor the portfolio and constantly update and change strategies as needed. Gateway is also able to assist in the sale and liquidation of problem assets to maximize returns.

Gateway can provide quarterly review of servicing performance to ensure proper standards and quality are being met while recommending changes to collection and customer service efforts on a loan level basis using proprietary models and methods.

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