All of our advisory services are fully customizable

We meet every unique advisory need.

Our advisory services provide advice to Board of Directors and Executive Leadership teams on strategic direction and planning. We can evaluate entire loan portfolios and provide analysis including core asset identification and buy/sell decisions including loss analysis and price indications including loan sale preparation and marketing support. Portfolio analysis can isolate known and potential problem areas as well as providing support of high quality portfolios pointing to the mitigating risk factors. We offer stress testing and detailed analysis of sub-portfolios such as Option Arms, Interest Only, Investor properties, Home Equity and HELOCs.

Additional advisory services include:

  • forensic underwriting analysis for litigation as a Expert Witness and Consulting Witness Services on Commercial and Consumer assets
  • servicing and special servicer platform review and evaluations
  • outsourcing and in-sourcing review and analysis
  • mortgage company acquisition due diligence
  • branch rationalization and sales strategy
  • NIM maximization
  • product profitability
  • project management including 100 day plans for new investments
  • identification of key performance measurements, indicators and dash board reports
  • information systems review including new system recommendation and implementation
  • strategic alternatives review and recommendations
  • financial review, analysis, projections and pro-forma
  • enterprise risk management review
  • capital adequacy evaluation
  • ALLL methodology and adequacy including existing model validation and improvement recommendations
  • regulatory action response including Cease and Desist(C&D), Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) and Prompt Corrective Action(PCA)
  • warehouse lender reviews
  • benchmarking
  • business plan creation
  • market research, competitor analysis and sales strategy
  • human resource consulting including identification, acquisition, recommendation and augmentation
  • compensation review
  • fair value and day 1 credit marks on entire portfolios and individual loan pools

Specialized Services

Gateway’s specialized services include third party independent loan review and valuation, asset resolution and workout resources, loss share audits, risk grade reviews, and institutional restructures.

You will have direct access to our integrated modeling strategies and remediation oversight from a seasoned team of industry experts. We have been through multiple cycles and know how to maximize recovery. We will provide you with concise solutions with CEO, COO and CFO level of attention to breadth of strategy, overall compliance with company goals and follow through down to the smallest detail.

Specialized Loss Share Audit & Consulting

Our service offers both loss share audit and loss share consulting to set up and management the loss share program.

One requirement of a Loss Share Agreement is that a Bank must perform an independent audit of their process and handling of the Loss Share loans, submitting reports to the FDIC within 90 days of year end.

Drawing on our dynamic experience in portfolio evaluation and loan review, Gateway is an invaluable partner in the loss share process.